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The first batch of DLC released its new gardening performance standard LED lamps and lanterns

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-13

the DLC has announced, has unveiled the first listed in the DLC gardening qualified products list ( QPL) LED lamps and lanterns, to satisfy the market transition to make performance and reliability requirements. And the solid state lighting (MaxLite SSL) Product is the first list is included QPL lighting products, there are eight different types of products conform to the requirements of the DLC, the eight product belongs to new PhotonMax LED spot light series products.

DLC in marijuana conference recently held in Boston, Massachusetts, New England, 新英格兰大麻惯例) Announced the first batch of QPL on qualified products list. In addition, in the conference, DLC also put forward the requirements of the first garden QPL's final version as well as the various enterprises on the qualified products list can be used by the new DLC gardening logo.

DLC, executive director of Christina Halfpenny, said: 'agriculture lighting is DLC members of the public utilities in one of the fastest growing power load application. We believe that the new standards to meet the needs of lighting industry, at the same time will greatly speed up the new efficient horticultural lighting technology adoption. '

it simplifies some reporting requirements in the short term, at the same time benchmark for high performance and reliable LED lighting products, in order to use in the harsh harsh environment.

meanwhile, MaxLite also belongs to the PH - announced rates GH360 and PH - Series of GH600 PhotonMax LED spot light products, these products have just listed in early march. MaxLite can provide four different power levels of the lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns with different spectral power distribution ( 社会民主党) , can meet the demand of different plants.

MaxLite horticultural products sales, senior director Paul Gray said: 'MaxLite focus on the development to have the highest performance and quality standards of products, our LED spotlights lamps and lanterns is first obtained DLC gardening products approved by the qualified products list. DLC is still lighting energy-saving lighting industry and utilities design incentive plan resource center, and want to purchase lighting products of high performance products a key indicator of the buyer. '

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