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The first equipped with Li - around the world Fi commercial aircraft will take off

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-30

the latest news, the first aircraft equipped with Li - in the world Fi data services of commercial aircraft will take off on Wednesday, when air France ( 法国航空公司) Operating a airbus ( Airbus) A321 will use the technology to attend games 10 finalists.

according to the operation of the system structure of air France manufacturers Latecoere, a spokesman said Li - Fi in the concept of one-time verification covering a total of 12 seats, and will not continue to use immediately. Sponsored by the French company Ubisoft game, Li - support Fi's game will be held on the flight.

picture sources: Latecoere

it is understood that in a few months ago in the Paris international air show, during Latecoere booth with LiFi technique exhibited a full-size air cabin model, the speed and reliability of the live demonstration of this innovative technology. In order to demonstrate the powerful features of the LiFi, Latecoere, Oledcomm, Ubisoft ( Ubisoft game) And air France - KLM launched in Paris air show a video game, they were there to take the airbus A320 plane model meet the challenge, the last round is planned on a commercial airliner. These companies believe that in-flight entertainment is the foundation of air France aircraft experience, will achieve tremendous growth in the next few years.

despite the deployment is used only for a flight, but this will help to prove Li - Fi can replace or supplement the other technology ( Such as Wi - Fi) As the Internet service in the flight line. Li- Fi use modulation from the LED light waves, rather than Wi - Fi or radio waves. It is trying to apply in more environment, among them, the industry can be an important niche market.

this Wednesday's flight provided by Li - France Oledcomm communication company 方济各会国际。 According to previous reports, this year, the second annual global LiFi convention Oledcomm and Latecoere company jointly launched a specially designed for 30000 feet planes cruise LiFi products, theory can provide 100 MBPS for each seat. 'LiFi is the ideal choice of aerospace, it enables us to prove that we are no longer at the research stage, have been creating high value-added business applications,' Oledcomm President Benjamin Azoulay then said in a statement.

Latecoere, xin nuo and Huneed announced on commercial aircraft LiFi establish strategic partnership

otherwise the latest news, Latecoere has Signify (with lighting giants Xin fly) And south Korean aviation electronic equipment company Huneed Technologies, cooperation, Li - for commercial airlines to begin Fi 'industrial scale' of the development. The two sides have signed the agreement, xin Trulifi system will be integrated into the plane, flying Huneed Technologies is to provide the data communication electronic products and software.

on both sides, according to a joint press release issued by the LiFi in stability of bandwidth, delay, and provides a better connection. They point out that LiFi another advantage is that it does not interfere with sensitive equipment, not interfere with the Li - and the aircraft's movement Fi signal, this and Wi Fi are obviously different. In addition, Li - Fi needs less cable ( A large number of communications cables are low weight fiber solution replace) And therefore will reduce aircraft weight and fuel consumption.

xin fly earlier this year launched a Trulifi system, and installed worldwide about 100 projects. Trulifi efficient energy-saving LED lighting and reliable, safety and high speed bidirectional wireless technology, the combination of downstream and upstream speed of up to 250 MBPS. Initially, xin nuo fly Trulifi connection for seat on the media player, in the next stage, LiFi will allow passengers to connect their personal devices to automotive media and the Internet.

picture sources: xin nuo fly

'xin fly and Latecoere will through the latest Internet technology for passengers to change its cabin experience. Trulifi has huge potential, in addition to the plane, our goal is to replace the technology is also provided to other forms of public transport, makes people no matter where can get reliable, safe and fast Internet connection technology. 'Xin fly's chief innovation officer Olivia Qiu said.

picture sources: xin nuo fly

Huneed Technologies co. , LTD. Is a Latecoere LiFi accommodation system third partner of industrialization. The group will jointly Latecoere joint development and production of passenger distribution unit and fiber optic router.

'this opportunity and we will air on a global scale expand into civil aviation growth strategy is consistent. Huneed will ensure LiFi delivery of data communication electronic products and software, to make this technology can be widely used. This will in the next generation of intelligent engine room provide first-class passengers experience play a key role. 'Huneed Technologies, chairman of Eugene Kim said.

'Paris air show in 2019 provides a display LiFi Latecoere speed. Our technology shows the group in the innovation of the global leading position, has caused great expectations of the market, we are now ready to get to the next stage. With their two leaders in the field of cooperation will create new opportunities and prospects for the LiFi Latecoere, and ensure it is widely used in engine room. 'Latecoere, chief executive of Yannick Assouad said.

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