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The first formal putting-in-service proactively explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-21

it is reported that on May 25, liaoning fushun petrochemical GongJian company information research and development center to construction units 500 units of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device, marked the our country the first formal putting-in-service proactively explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device, intrinsically safe lighting limited space construction has petrochemical plant.

this device is easy to carry, is less than 2 mm thick, in his hand, like a piece of A4 printing paper, wireless, no shadow, no stroboscopic, can be bent freely. After folded in his pocket, which can use when needed, even under the low temperature of 25 degrees Celsius below zero, also can satisfy more than 10 square meters space up to seven hours of lighting work.

device for fire and explosion prevention. Its power is two lithium batteries, each battery 'protection', once the current is too large, batteries overheating, 'protection' immediate since the rev. , battery stop power supply. Explosion-proof safety regulations of the state, in inflammable and explosive container operations, lighting voltage is usually less than 12 volts, the device only seven highest voltage. 4 v, for intrinsically safe circuit design. Even if battery surprises, explosion-proof material 'scroll', drive all explosion proof, flame retardant. Inside and outside the triple protection to ensure the safety of lighting. By the science and technology and product testing shows that this equipment is the domestic petrochemical industry new security lighting, currently has applied for national patent.

after GongJian company dalian west Pacific maintenance field trial, plant not only satisfy the need of lighting safety operation, and has realized the portable, and installation, fire prevention, explosion-proof, waterproof, moistureproof, flicker-free lighting the scene actual demand.

it is reported, with the first trial of 70 device was 'supposed' to the construction site. Emergency production of 500 units by fushun petrochemical and jinzhou petrochemical construction site book sold out. At present, the north China petrochemical and subway, military industrial enterprises and to order.

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