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The first LED 'lights' flying saucer at yantai, shandong province, is more suitable for the pavement lighting at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-06

shandong net, according to official news recently, the reporter learns from the urban management bureau in yantai city center, the first batch of LED 'lights' flying saucer harbour city at some primary and secondary distributor roads.

according to scene SuiQiang debut LED 'lights' flying saucer will be installed in the red flag, red flag middle west road, jiefang road, ying cheung road, JianChang south street, such as main road, is expected to replace 472 sets. 'Flying saucer lamp', as the name implies, appearance similar to outer space craft, more suitable for the lighting in the sidewalk. It is because of the unique shape, the production process is relatively complicated, it is also a kind of LED lights as final type one of the reasons. This kind of 'lights' flying saucers, besides having the general LED lamp holder of common advantages, unique design of heat lamps and lanterns is lighter weight, light source in harmony with the radiator, and effectively conduct heat diffusion, thereby reducing the lamp body temperature, effectively ensure the service life of the light source and power supply.

as we have learned, since 2015 in yantai city LED energy-saving renovation project started, lasted more than five years, complete the view sea, ring road, binhai road, south street, north street, chefoo tuen mun road, ying cheung road, northing new, sea, Yang road, chiu road, grahame, south henan cliff, fukuyama road, new haiyang west street, 522 primary and secondary distributor roads and lanes road 3. 60000 sets of LED lamp holder change jobs. By the end of 2019, LED light source replacement work has been basically completed, ongoing finishing touches. The 'lights' flying saucers, lamp holder replacement work to be done is expected at the end of march.

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