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The first multi-function intelligent lever operation subject to formal official was established

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-12

recently, shenzhen 15000th 5 g base stations built ceremony was held in baoan district, shenzhen announced in May 2019 g construction mission accomplished.

site, the shenzhen municipal state-owned enterprises, dc c&d group wholly owned subsidiary of shenzhen information infrastructure investment and development co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'convinced that the company') Synchronization.

the first multi-function intelligent lever operation subject company

for the implementation of shenzhen city people's government issued by the shenzhen about take the lead in realizing a complete coverage of 5 g infrastructure and several measures to promote the development of high quality 5 g industry 'and other relevant policy documents, and shenzhen special economic zone construction development group co. , LTD. , a wholly-owned company set up the first multi-function intelligent lever operation subject - — Convinced that the firm.

that firms introduce

✍ is mainly responsible for multi-function intelligent rod as the core of the development of information infrastructure projects, construction, operation, management, as well as the construction project of shenzhen networking parking equipment, shenzhen wisdom parking cloud platform system construction and so on.

✍ according to relevant government investment plan, initial investment of 3. 9 billion yuan, is expected for the city's multi-functional intelligent construction projects, build wisdom city comprehensive perception network system, service wisdom city construction, to promote a new generation of information and communication technologies and new wisdom city construction depth fusion, the power supply side information infrastructure structural reforms, fully enhance the level of urban governance.

dc c&d group and its subsidiaries and convinced that the firm will be responsible for the city's multi-function intelligent lever and supporting resources unified operation and maintenance.

we look forward to the multifunctional intelligent rod can be truly construction basis, built a operations!

with multi-functional intelligent lever is introduced:

multi-functional intelligent lever set lighting, Wi - wisdom Fi, micro base station, video monitoring, urban environmental monitoring, radio, charging pile and other functions in one.

as we have learned, at present, the shenzhen has launched the light marathons, qiao road, along the sea before the bay and futian central district traffic facilities and space environment improving project such as multi-functional intelligent pilot project construction.

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