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The first national gallery lighting quality assessment report

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-01

as the ministry of culture slurry sampling project achievement report of the project, the change of light, compiled by YiJing ( The gallery) — Lighting quality evaluation method and system research, the official publication, this is also following the change of light - Museum gallery LED application survey after launch, and the change of light series.

this project as 2017 cultural industry standardization research project, one of the four projects approved by the national museum of China, took two years to overcome difficult, over current situations gallery lighting quality in our country launched a nationwide investigation. Project group of 42 units to carry out the work of evaluation, assembled 22 well-known experts from the national museum, art museum and lighting area of led work, 16 industry experts to do professional support, more than 10 institutes and more than 10 national key universities cooperate research, 2 state key laboratory and nine lighting companies to actively participate in, more than 400 practitioners jointly completed this breakthrough research projects.

in the study, the project team to take the form of interviews with pavilion, the audience in the form of research and the field data acquisition method, using three-dimensional composite for art gallery illumination quality in all aspects of objective and subjective evaluation and aquarium business operating three aspects synthetically evaluation. Take the assessment work combined with a special laboratory evaluation form, with the on-the-spot assessment of the rationality of the evaluation index, reflect the real art gallery illumination quality assessment objective level.

as a display of the current our country's most influential lighting experts 'gallery lighting quality evaluation work of the latest research achievements of collective,' art gallery illumination quality evaluation method and the system research 'to promote overall development in China's art industry, improve the quality of art gallery illumination, enhance scientific art venues operating aspects will play a positive role.

around the research contents of the project, this book is divided into five parts. The first part is research report, mainly introduces the research ideas and methods, as well as the present research achievements; The second part is the content of the thesis is extended, detailed interpretation scheme through preliminary assessment research instance running situation; The third part introduces topic related experimental project report; The fourth part will research experts recent scientific research and professional lighting enterprise technology development and so on to conduct a comprehensive analysis; The fifth part is mainly related to the topic research summary of background data, detailed interpretation of the subject information such as the development process and the personnel structure.

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