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The first optical fiber with a UV - international LED curing coating the fiber optic cable standard of raw materials in the APC were first published in the conference

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-10
On November 20,

APC '2019 global fiber optic cable during the assembly, by APC ( The asia-pacific cable assembly) Organization of the international first optical fiber with a UV - LED curing coating the fiber optic cable material standards 'was released officially. APC global cable assembly, chairman of the standing committee of the ministry of communications science and full-time, the optical communications director committee member, telecom network media editor Mao Qian, former director of the China communication society communication line committee member Song Zhituo, information and communication research institute, vice President of ICT industries in China, tal system laboratory infrastructure products and Liu Tai, prosper photoelectric chief engineer Shi Huiping, deputy director of the idiopathic information center general manager Zhou Xu, zhongtian fiber zhi-zhong liu, general manager and other guests attended the launch, to witness this moment.

at present, the optical fiber cable is a great variety of raw materials, auxiliary materials, different forms, different production control requirements, raw and auxiliary materials such as quality control and audit is difficult to effectively implement, lead to produce fiber optic cable quality. Under this background, the APC association published the 'standard of fiber optic cable raw materials', aimed at China, and the world harmonious development of optical fiber cable industry raw materials specifications do an own strength.

the fiber optic cable material standard 2019 is the APC association was set up after the first international cable release raw materials industry standards, is also the first application in the optical fiber with a UV - LED curing coatings international optical fiber cable standard of raw materials, by DSM China and the United States and a number of international enterprises in research and development team, balefire communication according to the most advanced technology, adhering to the environmental friendly, embodies the concept of sustainable development of green manufacturing, coagulation hearts meet force to write.

the standard main provisions of the optical fiber with a UV - LED curing coatings ( LED coating) Classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, logo, packaging, transportation and storage, etc. , are the typical working wavelength UV - leds ( 395 nm、385 nm、365 nm) , subdivide the coating application scenarios ( Communication, device) ; Fine fiber ( 200? m、180? M coated optical fiber) , according to the specific modulus, conversion of glass transition temperature, curing rate, made the technical requirements of 7 kind of coating, increases the liquid coating and requirements, such as stability, performance parameters and test method is more comprehensive.

this standard based on fiber optic fiber raw material process, raw materials, inspection management methods, for the fiber optic fiber raw material production enterprise production and management and provide a basis for the supplier audit, make the fiber optic cable production standardization, raw materials and further improve the quality of fiber optic cable products, improve the level of optical fiber cable industry as a whole, effectively promote the 5 g network construction, to build all the new era.

during the meeting, also for part of the APC association to participate in the writing 'the 2019 cable material standard' enterprise contribution award issued by APC association, balefire communication technology co. , LTD. , senior engineer Wang Dongxiang emperor mandy cable special chemical co. , LTD. Optical fiber cable materials in Asia Pacific marketing manager Xu Ye, nanjing huaxin cane warehouse such as optical communication co. , LTD. , deputy chief engineer Wang Xiaoquan guest awarded prizes as a representative of the award winners.

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