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The future of science and technology city in hangzhou, zhejiang province, the first pilot 'lever' appearance dream town!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-12

in the past, in order to satisfy the street lamp, street signs, monitor head, light, and different functions, all kinds of city road alignment pole standing, making road landscape chaotic, also the costs of construction waste. Refinement to enhance the future of science and technology city urban management level, solve the road on both sides of the rod body each department redundant construction and other issues, the early stage of the planned by hangzhou future urban development of the science and technology city management committee, led by construction bureau, district public security bureau, the urban management unit, apanage street, hangzhou tower, and other department in consultation with the argument, selecting good. some dream town road, two CangXing street intersection point pilot implementation of the 'lever'.

recently, the future of science and technology city first 'lever' pilot project is completed and put into use.

a few days ago, reporters in dream town CangXing street and see. some road intersection, and the lamp posts here have 'pluralism', not only load the lights, signs, also installed the monitor head, this is by hangzhou future city science and technology first 'lever' project.

the first pilot of the two roads, and selected the good dream town between two road, CangXing street intersection point to implement more than one pilot, the street lights, signs, monitor head, light and so on the many kinds of road alignment pole to consolidate, and was completed in recently.

more unity, saving resource and convenience of drivers, the crowd cheered. 'Before the crossing, lighting lighting, traffic signal light pole, traffic sign, road signs, electronic monitoring bar many bar, both affect the urban landscape, also caused great waste of urban land and space resources. Now, really much more relaxed. 'Shen teacher who lives near the CangXing street residents said.

the reporter understands, the future of the city of science and technology the pilot project to city beautification, resource integration, the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection as a starting point, strive to resolve urban construction road light pole, power pole ( Tower) , monitoring pole, traffic signs, billboards scattered infrastructure management, function caused by a single bar with problems, will the original lamp posts, monitoring pole, traffic signal pole, traffic signs and other five bar or rod as a synthesis. While integrating 5 g micro base station, environmental sensors, video monitoring, Face recognition) Urban comprehensive facilities, intelligent lighting, etc. , and obligate RFID ( Car networking) , public broadcasting, Emergency rescue) Comprehensive application, making the rod, box like the nerve endings of the city can fully the information collection, distribution, transmission, the formation of a social network perception of wisdom. Through deep integrating kinds of resources, reduce the cost of urban infrastructure construction, promote urban operational efficiency.

the relevant person in charge of hangzhou city management committee of science and technology city future development council, told reporters: 'at home and abroad practice shows that wisdom light pole from the unique features of network, has the advantages of other cities in the parts is becoming the important infrastructure of sustainable development. The future successful pilot city 's unity of science and technology, and explore the wisdom city construction, 5 g to promote new model of using base station construction in a very good try, the future of science and technology city will be in the CBD area, etc. Shall be used in the design of new road planning, promotion and gradually from the whole domain. '

the other it is understood that the future of the city of science and technology the' lever 'pilot projects in addition to reflect on the road light pole, also including underground concealed work. All of the pipeline will be involved during the construction of the unit integrated in a trench, unified construction, to avoid the zipper, and convenient maintenance.

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