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The greenhouse using LED mixed with high pressure sodium lamp lighting system, energy saving of 40%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-17

a few days ago, the global lighting leader xin nuo fly ( 表示) Cooperate with AppHarvest and help the latter in the American state of Kentucky Moore, the 25 hectares in the greenhouse using fewer resources to improve efficiency and increase output. AppHarvest will be planted tomatoes and cucumber in the greenhouse, the greenhouse will be completed in the second half of 2020.

the greenhouse with unique LED and high-pressure sodium ( HPS) Mixed lighting system, using a philips GreenPower LED lighting and Agrolux high-pressure sodium lamp lighting, can significantly reduce the energy consumption and increase production at the same time in a year. LED lighting system than the traditional greenhouse lighting energy saving 40%, at the same time send out less heat radiation. In the autumn and spring, LED lighting will be used for planting more products. In addition to the LED, high pressure sodium ( HPS) Light will be used in the cold months, its heat will contribute to the greenhouse to keep warm and to reduce the use of natural gas.

source: xin nuo fly

the AppHarvest Equilibrium cooperation with leading greenhouse investment company. Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects will install these LED lights, and supervise the construction of the Greenhouse.

xin nuo fly agriculture lighting Bill Bien, chief executive, said 'we are very excited cooperate with AppHarvest and Equilibrium', 'with our cooperative partners, is committed to sustainable gardening business, we look forward to help them improve the quality of predictability, crop growth and yield, increase energy efficiency at the same time. '

compact LED dome light can provide 1800 mu specular output and up to 3 mol/s. 0 mu mol/J efficiency, and to help farmers effective optimization of crop growth, improve crop quality and reduce operating costs. Compared with 1000 W HPS lamps and lanterns, philips compact GreenPower LED dome light to produce the same amount of light, have similar distribution of light, power consumption reduced by 40% at the same time, the distribution of heat is greatly reduced. This is meant to help growers to control light and heat, more independently provide unprecedented high light levels for plants, growing conditions for more regulation.

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