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The guanting reservoir 'rainbow bridge', to illuminate Beijing's high-speed development

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-27
Kurt Zhang Gaotie

Beijing guanting water bridge is one of the controlling engineering of Beijing Zhang Gaotie all, total length of 9077 meters, spans the guanting reservoir, is the domestic first applies to 350 kilometers per hour have a frantic jumble orbital high-speed railway steel truss girder of railway bridge.

late June 18, the Beijing Zhang Gaotie guanting water Kurt bridge first arch first time upper chord debugging light wash wall lamp.

the first of the large bridge arch debug lit the guanting delta

it is understood that the bridge landscape lighting system will be completed on July 10th all eight arch installation and debugging. In time, G6 highway can be close to catch a glimpse of the Olympic rings, major festivals and other Chinese shock light beam transform element. Zhang Gaotie

with Beijing science and technology of intelligent innovation with frequency, the Beijing Zhang Gaotie guanting water is Kurt bridge landscape lighting systems engineering, intelligent jing zhang one of design innovation project of the construction of the content, it highlights the 'one hundred Beijing, longteng time' theme, tradition and modern, light and modelling, the speed and passion on the design idea of 'series', using the bridge is like a rainbow across the lake, rich rhythm structure, the characteristics of the elegant, combining lighting elements and the bridge structure, using independent intelligent lighting control system, realize the local and remote control, regional control, model control, timing control, etc.

delta workers on the bridge arch steel truss beam installation lighting lamp

delta workers install debugging in the bridge deck lighting lamp

on light form and layout, bridge upper chord three consecutive set a bar to wash the wall lamp using RGB color channels, light bridge arch contour, combined with the surface reflection, the rings of the Olympic theme effect; Bridges in vertical direction of the line just above the top bracing on both ends of a wide beam cast light warm color, from the top down to the bridge, the lateral projection to illuminate the pedestrian route lateral, in the form of internal light show the overall structure of the bridge, and do the functional lighting; Piers deaden project-light lamp, lighting protection.

delta bridge lighting rendering

in dealing with the wind, snow, rain, fog and other bad weather conditions, the lamps and lanterns of landscape lighting system passed from the factory to install the whole process of tracking, the whole cycle is a complete coverage of debugging and test the quality of the testing process, after Beijing Zhang Gaotie open to traffic, landscape lighting system will open or a specific period of time during the holiday season, with its specific light and color, bright is dazzing light zhang in one hundred Beijing 110 years of glorious course go on.

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