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The guarantee and analysis of common problems of Changhui solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
   Does Changhui Solar Street Light provide spare parts?   For vulnerable parts, Changhui distributes spare parts at a rate of 3%. Do solar modules need to face south?   For users located in the northern hemisphere, it is best to face the photovoltaic modules to the south. In order to ensure that the module can receive as much light radiation as possible, when designing the module bracket, we have made the best inclination design according to the region.   Are solar panels fragile?   The very strong toughened glass panel has passed the hail test and tested in a simulated Arctic and Antarctic environment.   How much electricity can the solar power system generate?  Different specifications, the power generated by the system is also different. We will recommend or design a system that can meet your electricity needs according to your requirements.  How long is the product warranty of Changhui Solar Street Lights? Changhui solar products sub-component humanized warranty: solar modules: warranty for 10 years; battery: warranty for 3 years; LED lamp holder: CREE lamp for 5 years, other brand lights for 3 years; control inverter: warranty for 2 years; light pole: 5 year.   How to store the converted electricity?   If storage is required, we use batteries or other equipment for storage.   What should I do if the solar modules are covered with ice and snow?   Solar panels need to receive sunlight to generate electricity. When the solar panels are covered by a few centimeters of snow, although a little bit of sunlight penetrates in, the amount of electricity generated is very small. A large amount of electricity is converted on a sunny day. When designing the product, we have considered these issues.   What happens if the solar panels are shaded?  Solar panels should be installed in a place where there is no shade and the sun can receive all day. Even a small amount of shading can greatly reduce the power output of the system. When designing and installing, we also try to avoid the shading effect of existing facilities.  Is it necessary to clean the solar panels frequently?   Normally, we do not need to clean the solar panels frequently. In most areas, there is enough rainfall to clean the panels. If it is in a dusty area, timely cleaning is a must. Can be rinsed and cleaned with a hose. Be careful not to step on or walk on the solar panel when cleaning, do not use metal, hard objects to scrub or use abrasive methods to clean, do not spray water at high temperature.

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