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The huntington, LED lighting installation, saving the total operating costs

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-10

according to foreign media reports, as part of the energy saving and technology upgrade program, huntington city urban facilities in the United States are conducting many improvements.

it is understood that the city has been with honeywell ( 霍尼韦尔) Into the third phase of the plan, install new LED lighting in the 14 buildings and HVAC systems.

in addition, the city is also working with comcast ( 康卡斯特) Signed a non exclusive franchise agreements, to improve the city's video broadcast system.

honeywell ( 霍尼韦尔) Announced earlier this month, ready to start with the 15 years the city energy saving the third phase of the contract, it will save about $4. 8 million ( About 33. 1 million yuan) The total operating costs. At present, the company is the city's various locations to install LED lighting technology and sensor, according to the lighting of automatic control. In the town hall will also upgrade the HVAC system to improve and control system.

it is estimated that the upgrade can save about $112000 per year ( About 77. 250000 yuan) The energy and operating costs.

huntington's mayor Steve Williams at the news conference, said 'we cooperate with honeywell to upgrade and improve will improve our most architectural lighting, and help to reduce the operating cost and energy consumption of the city', 'we are encouraged that the third phase of a project work will once again to save energy and operating costs. '

after the first stage and second stage involves the infrastructure upgrades, including lighting, mechanical and control improvement, water system, traffic signal reconstruction and other building maintenance.

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