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The iconic bridge at a cost of $15 million to install LED lighting equipment value?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-14

阳光人行天桥桥( Sunshine viaduct) Is the portal to Tampa bay, Florida, is considered to be 'flag bridge' Florida, is internationally recognized as landmarks, also claims to be the world's longest cable-stayed bridge.

now, with thousands of color lamp installation, the iconic bridge will become more conspicuous.

FDOT spokesman Kris Carson said in an E-mail a few days ago, Florida transportation ministry will spend $15 million, in the Sunshine Skyway bridge installation for up to 1. Seven miles LED lighting equipment.

'the main purpose of this project is aesthetic lighting, a second advantage is to increase security, because the bridge is very dark,' FDOT District Seven Digital & Social Media coordinator David Botello said.

the restoration will be installed around a total of 1800 lighting lamps and lanterns, lights will mainly focus on the bridge side and on the pillars of the bridge side, along the slope and the mainspan extension of the bridge.

lights will be able to at a different speed in different ways of movement transformation

what is unique about the project of the lighting will have more topics, they will move and change the color. Light from the setting sun is orange, the color to blue and green, changing, in addition, certain light can also be used for a particular season and events. Lighting by Horton Lees Brogden company design, project installation, is in the charge of M&J construction company.

green and blue color scheme to represent the blue sky and swaying palm trees, Representative of the Tampa bay beach scenery)

this color scheme ( Red, white and blue) In accordance with the American flag colors

the color of inspiration from sunset dusk, and the sun rises

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