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The installation of solar street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

with the development of science and technology, we even more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. Because the technology behind before, and the pursuit of science and technology. But now, because as well as the development of science and technology is very good, so we will begin to pay attention to environmental protection, and energy efficiency. We have been in the consumption of nature resources, but if it goes on like this will be for ecological environment caused great destruction, so we started to renewable resources for conjecture. Like solar street lights, is such a product. It does not need to rely on artificial to power supply, as long as against the sunlight can storage on its own. To achieve a lighting effect. Let me say how to install solar street lamps.

solar street lamps must first choice in that empty place for installation, because it is heavily dependent on solar power, so be in the sun the place with good effect, can not have obstructions.

and the foundations of cement should be used for landfill solar street lamps, the soil ph value not too high, otherwise easy to cause corrosion damage to the solar street light. And in the process of digging should check carefully whether the ground water seepage, if found in the installation process water, should immediately stop the construction, the drainage work well first, because its battery solar street lamps to buried in the ground, if there is water, easy to cause short circuit occurred.

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