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The international space station by the LED grow lettuce component similar to earth

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-27

according to foreign media reported New Atlas, a few years ago, and for the first time astronauts eat to the international space station ( ISS) The planting of lettuce. Now have determined that the nutritional value of a space lettuce at least comparable to similar plant grow on earth. Between 2014 to 2016, the red leaf lettuce 'Outredgeous plant growth on the international space station (iss) 33 to 56 days, on NASA's vegetable production system ( 素食) Zero gravity are grown in greenhouse. In addition to the other, the set also includes LED grow light and the automatic watering system.

when a group of three astronauts each edible a few leaves, the rest of the crops were frozen to then back to earth. Scientists there near the Kennedy space center for the chemical and biological analysis, then with the central laboratory red leaf lettuce grown in the same period Outredgeous are compared. '' earth lettuce growth conditions and Veggie in the greenhouse temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity matching.

overall, scientists found that earth and ISS plant components are very similar. However, in some cases, the space of lettuce actually rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc and other elements. It also contains high levels of phenolics, these molecules has been shown to have antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

it is interesting to note that in the two groups exist in plant diversity and identity of microbes similar - assuming that ISS lettuce in the creature's type will be reduced. It is important that the harmful bacteria is not found on any plant ( Such as e. coli or salmonella) 。 Thus, according to the findings and other findings, space lettuce is considered edible ( And safety) 。

the study's co-author, Kennedy space center Gioia Dr Massa said: 'the international space station is a long-term task in the future of the test rig, these types of crop growth test is helping expand can grow under microgravity effective candidate object. Test in the future will study more than other types of crops and pepper and tomato fruits and vegetables, to help provide the astronaut diet supplement of fresh agricultural products. '

the paper recently published in the journal frontiers in plant science.

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