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The international space station to play because of the lighting, the simulation light day and night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-01

according to foreign media reports, the international space station Russia dawn module will be installed in a new apparatus for variable illumination, the illuminator will imitate the earth on May 15, from sunrise to sunset light.

the Russian space sources, these new illuminator will be 'progress 女士, No. 11 'cargo ship sent to the space station, space freighter carrying on April 4, from the baikonur launch' alliance - 2. 1 a 'carrier rocket.

the Russian academy of sciences researcher at the institute of biomedical problems, Christina smolke of the Alexander column, said: 'these variable illumination apparatus for the experiment conducted in the institute, they can be replicated within one day and night lighting. Illumination change and the earth, from morning until noon, increased brightness and illumination, color also from changes to white blue red orange, while in the afternoon instead. '

small's column', explains: 'on May 15, from the point of view of psychology, is the best lighting solutions, a day is a day in the sunshine time is longer, better spectral components. '

scientists pointed out that these variable illumination apparatus for can be used to solve the astronauts on the international space station and the long space flight circadian rhythm disorders problems that may occur.

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