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The key points of the installation of solar street lights in the new countryside

by:CHZ     2021-07-08
In the infrastructure construction of the new countryside, solar street lights have also begun to be installed on both sides of the rural roads. Nowadays, solar street lights have become the main force of road lighting in the new countryside. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of rural street lighting installations, the following three requirements should be paid attention to when installing rural roads.
1. Requirements on the quality of the light source. The service life of the general solar street light source is 3-4 years, and the warranty period of the light source produced by the regular manufacturer is 3 years. Ensuring the heat dissipation condition of the solar street light source can effectively extend the service life of the street light source.
Second, to ensure the stability of the operation of solar street lights in the new countryside. Solar street lights will not suddenly go out during normal use. If such a phenomenon occurs, it may be caused by internal wiring problems or insufficient battery power supply. Therefore, after eliminating internal problems, ensure that the lighting is on cloudy and rainy days. , When the sun is good, there should be no obstructions on the solar panel to affect its absorption of light energy.
3. Ensure the rationality of equipment. According to the actual local conditions, solar street light manufacturers must do a reasonable equipment operation in the early stage of installation. While ensuring the installation cost, they must also ensure the outstanding performance of solar street lights in rural road lighting. New rural solar street lights, as long as they save energy and reduce costs, can the infrastructure construction of new rural areas be improved.
In addition, in the process of using solar street lights in the new countryside, you should also know the following points for attention.
New Countryside Solar Street Light uses sunlight as energy source, converts it into electric energy and stores it in a battery. The battery supplies power for lighting at night. Therefore, during the installation process, you must choose a place where there is no obstruction to install solar cell modules. Clean the battery components regularly to ensure that the battery can work normally. The second is that in the installation process, we must use the accessories produced by regular manufacturers, otherwise a series of problems will occur in the short-term use process.
When installing and using solar street lights, pay attention to the above points, so that solar street lights can achieve the greatest effect. Provide more convenient living conditions for the people in the new village. For questions about solar street lights and solar batteries, please leave a message and interact with Yangzhou Qiangqiang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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