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the language of light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-01
Meaning of Light: As a lighting expert, I am interested in the use of the word \"light\" in our language.
How many times a day do we mean light?
Let me count.
The scientific definition of light is--
An electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from 3800 to 7600 A. The retina of the eye is sensitive to it and is part of the electromagnetic spectrum interpreted by the brain.
However, when we talk about the physical properties of light, we talk about, for example, \"the light at the end of the tunnel\" and \"the light of the moon\".
\"The language of light and darkness, the concept of light makes our language full of vitality.
In most cases, these definitions are positive, referring to excitement, pleasure and awe. -
Motivation, spirit or burden-
A relaxed expression.
It is easy to see that there is a correlation between the physical effects of light and the meaning of the word. The very life-
The giving characteristics and power of light are reflected in the use of light in language to arouse specific emotions and emotions.
Here are some common examples: psychological lighting--
\"He saw the light and understood the metaphor.
\"Frontal contour--
\"They look at her from a favorable perspective. \"Passion --
\"Come on, baby, light my fire.
\"Positive attitude--
\"I decided to despise this heavy problem.
\"Spiritual Enlightenment--
\"Brother, have you seen all that? Euphoria --\"Feeling light-headed.
\"Positive impact--
\"You light up my life.
\"In old cowboy movies, it\'s not surprising that good people wear white hats and bad people wear black hats.
Of course, the relationship between physical expression and language is contrary to the word \"darkness\".
\"Some examples include a lack of understanding--
\"I am completely in the dark. \"Evil--
\"The dark plan to murder him.
\"Retain knowledge or information--
\"Hidden in the dark.
\"Through a dark glass.
\"Ancient light. It is an ancient daily transformation from day to night, from night to day. For thousands of years, it has enriched our language and culture through hundreds of light references. (and dark. )
And the old tasks of light and darkness remain.
The period between the 5th and 8th centuries after the fall of Rome was called the Dark Age.
A more modern term now defines this period as the early Middle Ages.
It is characterized by Muslim conquest, religious conflict and the blankness of cultural and literary achievements.
Electric light. The emergence of electric lights adds new words to these references, such as light bulbs, black lights, neon lights, fluorescent lights, LED lights, landscape lights and street lights.
The hope of Christmas begins with the stars in the sky and has evolved into the lights we hang on the Christmas tree.
Conceptually, the symbols of a light bulb represent an idea or inspiration.
Significant changes are taking place in today\'s lighting industry.
Reducing lighting costs and introducing compact fluorescent lamps into the industry\'s needs make it a pioneer in the green energy movement.
Once again, this testifies to the motivation of the meaning of light and how it affects our lives.
Negative light is probably a side effect of light. --
Blindness caused by sunburn, heatstroke, rash, light and lightning.
Compared with the hundreds of positive references produced by light phenomena, it will remain the smallest.
So far, the principle of negative quotation of light is lack of light. --or darkness.
Light and words define the meaning of light in contemporary terms, bringing us new usage and spelling of light. --lite.
Lite has become a tool for the public with its numerous products and frequent advertisements.
Products with the word \"Lite\" focus mainly on our concerns about overweight and lack of attractiveness.
Today we have light beer, light butter sauce, light snacks, and so on.
The manufacturers of Lite products want us to believe that consuming these products will prevent us from increasing the excess weight we accumulate each year.
They assured us that we were eating less fat, sugar and so on, which was the right way.
So we are living a healthier life.
What is the application of future light in meaning and language?
With global warming, light from solar energy will surely become a viable source of energy, reducing our demand for fossil fuels. LED lights (
Light Emitting Diode)
We are used to seeing in dashboards, light switches and computers that are growing slowly and steadily, and thus becoming stronger in lighting.
The research of LED technology is developing towards improving the output of LED light.
One advantage of LEDs is that they produce \"cold light\" and do not waste energy.
So far, LED cannot match the bright white light of incandescent fluorescent lamp.
But bright white LED lights are on the horizon.
In the near future, a couple with love in their eyes may be brought to the altar.
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