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The largest NB - at home Successful delivery IoT intelligent street lamp project in suzhou

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-02

a few days ago, NB - IoT intelligent single lamp control construction project completed in suzhou wujiang area, build the district illumination information platform to realize online real-time control, convenient management. At present, wujiang district road lighting become the largest domestic low wan street light network wisdom. The project has been listed in the 'ecological civilization major projects' by the National Development and Reform Commission, in the nationwide promotion use.

wujiang launched in 2017, the wisdom of the city construction, support the leadership of the district, wujiang chengguan led, adopted the opple with NB wisdom lighting solutions, apply information effectively covering the field of road lighting.

it is known that NB - single lamp installation IoT single lamp controller, the NB - IoT wisdom lighting management platform to realize point-to-point medallion every street lamp lights, dimmer, fault automatic alarm and asset management functions, such as 'neural network' of lighting, further increase the rate of light, let the city management more convenient.

LED street light through professional design, road lighting, lighting uniformity index, the average illuminance on the construction after the completion of the single lamp energy saving rate was 68. 4%, pavement 30 average illuminance ascension. 4%, pavement evenness 33 to ascend. 2%. Effectively improve the quality of wujiang road lighting and at the same time to save power consumption.

by intelligent lighting management platform, can point to point control lights after 10 o 'clock in the residential area, according to the light of physiological sleep requirements, adjust light, does not affect sleep.

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