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The LED module necklace power New York's times square New Year's activities

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-04

at the end of 2018, the is getting closer and closer to 2019, a lot of people have to go to across the eve of the plan.

it is well known that New York's times square has been a New Year of choice, the New Year's tradition has a history of more than 100 years, every year to attract visitors from all over the world, the great crystal ball with the New Year's bell, coupled with the snow and petard, turns into the ocean of joy.

it is reported that this year's crystal ball is named 'the ritual' of harmony, about 12 feet in diameter and weighs almost six tons, sphere surface covered with 2688 pieces of crystal triangle, of which 192 block as waterford crystals ( 沃特福德水晶) Crystal board made of new pattern. 2688 pieces of crystal triangle with 672 pieces of LED module block necklace, light bulb number more than 3. 20000, in red, blue, green, white four color for fundamental key, combination of more than 1600 kinds of gorgeous colors. At the appointed time, visitors will have the chance in the countdown to zero when see the great crystal ball moment from the sky.

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