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The lighting device adopts Ethernet power supply ARM's new headquarters

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-09

according to UK media reports, British semiconductor giant Arm in its new headquarters in Cambridge, demonstrates the UK's largest lighting device based on Ethernet power supply.

picture sources: Lux

the headquarters covers an area of 19000 square meters, can accommodate 2500 people, use Cat6 cable for power supply and control a total of 6000 light lamps and lanterns.

control protocol USES the DALI. Due to the infrastructure to move light from a single, so the flexibility to choose the light source lighting designers.

lighting and sensors, switches and scene panel together, so as to realize the optimization of occupying, intensity of illumination and scene control, its performance and advanced DALI system are quite.

lamps and lanterns to 56 v operation, connected together in Daisy chain way, and connect back to 3 KW PoE switches. All the data cables have been designed to ensure optimal load.

the building is deployed more than 1000 Prolojik Proxima bluetooth LBS ( Location based service) Multi-sensor, the sensors through 30 bluetooth hub connected to the Internet.

sensor network by occupying and illuminance data management support lighting, and be able to gain insight into space usage in detail.

the technique can guide identification, meeting room booking and messaging for different position of staff.

the system data directly to the lighting system integration with a third party. Use occupancy data to implement lighting energy saving and sharing data through the BACnet/IP. This optimization has halved the number of sensors installed, and in the case of does not affect the construction function reduces the cost of construction.

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