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The lighting people on top of Forbes' China rich list 400 worth are shrinking

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-02

on October 25, 2018 Forbes released its latest Forbes China rich list 400. Jack ma for the first time since 2014 to return to the top, but wealth shrink $4 billion than a year ago.

this year's list of keywords: shrink

shares fell, depreciation, people worried about the credit situation and trade issues. Enterprises from all walks of life have different degrees of difficulty, as a result, last year on top of Forbes' China rich list in 400, more than three-quarters had wealth falls. There are 93 people dropped off. In rich list, there are 229 people wealth lower than a year ago, nearly a third of the wealth of the rich was reduced by 20% or more. On the threshold by 70 last year. 800 million yuan fell to 5. 8 billion yuan this year.

in dollar terms, the Internet giant alibaba chairman jack ma worth at $34. 6 billion, for the first time since 2014 to return to the top of the list. However, Mr Ma wealth also shrunk $4 billion than a year ago. Last year's richest man, Mr Xu and board chairman of China Evergrande ranking dropped to third. Slot the net worth of $30. 8 billion, fell 28%. Real estate net value of the wealth of the rich slot decreased by $11. 7 billion, this year he is wealth value to reduce the most wealthy. Tencent chairman ma huateng wealth has shrunk 6. 2 billion dollars, but still with net worth of $32. 8 billion, topped the list 2.

Forbes said the review list, almost every industry's total wealth fell. Manufacturing impact is bigger, the number of billionaires decreased from 79 to 72, the average net worth fall from $2. 1 billion to $1. 8 billion. And for a long time, is China's largest source of manufacturing.

it is understood that the list compiled of shareholding and personal and financial information from family, stock exchange, analysts and regulators in China. On the both individual and family, including enterprise founder and immediate family common wealth. The wealth of data of listed companies according to the October 12, 2018, the stock price and exchange rate. For private company valuation is based on the similarity of the listed company.

the list of lighting

400 2018 Forbes China rich list done not present lighting person, in 100 ~ 400 list, three Ann photoelectric Lin Xiucheng family, opple Ma Xiuhui family, wood Tomlinson Sun Qing haun, star: laser yun-feng gao yu shares weeks eight catties family and family on the list, ranked 106 ( 172. 500 million yuan) , 120 ( 151. 800 million yuan) , 274 ( 80. 700 million yuan) , 295 ( 76. 600 million yuan) And a 313 - bit ( 73. 800 million yuan) 。

it is worth mentioning that this year also stay in the lighting industry rich list, wealth is also lower than a year ago. In addition, the last on the list of dongshan precision Yuan Fugen family, trillion chi co Gu Wei, leah DE li did not appear in the list.

2017 Forbes China rich list TOP400 list

there is no doubt that more people are looking forward to spring after winter.

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