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The LRC England courses in education in view of the garden lighting applications

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-08

on April 16, the lighting research center ( The Lighting Research Center, hereinafter referred to as 'LRC England') Announced that it would set up a new course for lighting applications for plant growth and health, in response to the trend of the development of the interior control farm gradually.

the Aaron's institute of technology ( Rensselaer市理工学院研究所) Plant health lighting alliance ( 光照对植物健康联盟,简称“IPH”) , according to a study conducted many pests and plant pathogens reduced crop yields, and precise light can compete with them, and enhance the health quality of crops. At the same time, as people demand for local food and sustainable food, coupled with increasingly mature technology increased its economic feasibility, more and more crops cultivated under controlled environment indoors. Market calls for site development and design for indoor lighting experts agriculture innovative lighting system and product applications.

therefore, according to industry experts face new challenges in the garden lighting, LRC England plans to launch education courses, obtain new knowledge and skills to help them solve the difficulties, and fully involved in the plant lighting in emerging markets.

the LRC England to carry out the course team includes the study of plant pathologists, scientists, such as education minister a number of experts. At the same time, the partners include the university of Michigan ( 密歇根州立大学) Agricultural experts, Cornell university, 康奈尔大学) Plant pathologists, and the university of Florida ( 佛罗里达大学) The experts. These experts in use ultraviolet light to reduce fruit and vegetable crops pathogens possess professional knowledge, and widely respected.

in addition, this to lighting application for plant growth and health of the new education courses will be offered permanent and regular.

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