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The main hidden dangers in the solar street light market at present

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08
1. It should be said that the quality of unqualified solar panels produced by regular manufacturers is guaranteed. The relevant test standards and test equipment have been more complete. One thing to note when purchasing solar street lights from solar street light manufacturers: equipment power test board Need special. The government does not have monitoring measures corresponding to technical indicators. The two phenomena of lack of power battery panels have caused some manufacturers to cause power shortages in use, causing solar street lights to fail to work properly.  2. The battery life is short.    The battery is generally guaranteed by a regular manufacturer for three years. If the battery fails within two years, there must be a problem with the quality of the battery. The battery installation has a certain particularity. The best temperature of the installation site is to be kept constant at 25℃. The ventilation must be prevented from rain and the battery cannot be immersed. The working environment temperature of the battery cannot be ignored. In order to save the cost of installing the battery on the lamp pole or pole, some manufacturers will cause certain damage and reduce the service life of the battery. The battery is an important part of the solar street lamp system, and its performance and life span directly affect the operation effect of the solar street lamp.  3, the light source failure rate is high    solar street light source, the cost is relatively low, but the failure rate is the highest. Solar street lighting sources include LEDs, energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. In addition to LED light sources, inverters will bring power loss, so the design and production must be very professional. However, some manufacturers usually use low-cost sales methods, and the products may be damaged in a short period of time, which has caused great negative effects in the application of solar street lights. Hot LED light source directly affects its life, poor heat treatment will cause lamp, LED light source over 40W should be used to cool integrated light source.  4. The controller function is not perfect.    The controller controls and protects the battery charging and discharging controller part of the function is not perfect, which will cause over-discharge to cause battery charging/discharging damage. The controller should use the battery (SOC remaining capacity) control method to ensure that the battery SOC is not less than the set value to protect the battery from being over-discharged by the controller.  When buying solar street lights, you must choose a regular solar street light manufacturer, with quality assurance, and you can't cause big losses because you want to be cheap.

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