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The national sanitation foundation will water treatment on the UV LED technology

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-07

it is reported that the national sanitation foundation ( NSF国际) Recently updated standards for drinking water treatment, provides a more effective method to deal with the microorganisms in drinking water. Revised the NSF/ANSI 55: uv microbial water treatment system ( 紫外线微生物水处理系统) In view of the UV LED technology to achieve microbial reduction treatment formulated the new standard, and provide a new test method to verify the manufacturer's product.

the standard processing system using UV light to kill microorganisms contained in unsafe water ( A kind of system) Bacteria, virus and parasite spore, or reduce the disinfection of drinking water ( Class B systems) The number of china-africa disease-causing bacteria.

NSF, according to the updated standard water treatment is of great significance, experimental tests show that UV leds can effectively reduce the bacteria and other microorganisms in drinking water.

the NSF/ANSI 55 first formulated in 1991, the applicable scope is limited to using low pressure mercury lamp UV radiation of low pressure system, this is the only technology available on the market at that time.

in 2014, NSF/ANSI standard of drinking water treatment unit of the joint commission ( 饮用水处理单位联合委员会) Make agreement to provide updated UV technology alternatives.

after considering several options, the working group recommends a method to represent the whole category of a biological organism directly logarithmic reduction ( 日志, 减少) The test.

team came to the conclusion that the Q - Beta virus is an acceptable alternative to rotavirus, and the appropriate test method for performance, in the detection of UV wavelength range ( 254nm - 285海里) The ends of the also. Compared with the original agreement calls for collimating beam ( 平行梁) Q - directly on the study Beta testing is a simpler, more consistent and more economic agreements.

it is understood that used in the current system of existing agreements in the NSF/ANSI 55 to keep at least 5 years, manufacturers can use defined in the standard of new testing method or the old test method to assess their products.

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