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The new rules: big wholesalers and retailers to recycling scrap lamps and lanterns

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-29

international news, the British government announced that the wholesalers and retailers must use life has all the lamps and lanterns of recycling.

it is understood that the Defra ( The department for environment, food and rural affairs) We have now confirmed, begin from 2021, most suppliers are required to provide the so-called waste electrical and electronic equipment ( WEEE) In-store recycling, including scrap lamps and lighting equipment. New requirements will apply to all sales of more than 100000 pounds of retailers and wholesalers.

no physical retail sites online retailers, and retailers sales below the critical value, can join 'distributors recycling programme' ( DTS, the project funded by retailers to build facilities designated collection network, let consumers discarded appliances and electronic equipment waste) To avoid providing in-store WEEE recycling, until December 31, 2021, the plan matures. The decision is also very important, because now most of the WEEE are bought through the Internet. Online retailers because of fears it may be insufficient contribution to the WEEE recycling, Defra may further review.

the Defra stressed that although no immediate action is needed to set up the store recycling facilities, but with large retailers should pay attention to the actual business sites, their obligations will change from January 1, 2021, since then, they will no longer have to join DTS option.

provide for WEEE compliance scheme of lighting industry of lamps and lanterns of the UK recyclers Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey comment on the news, said: 'this change means that from next year, sales of lamps and lanterns of retailers will be required to provide waste recycling service. This is good news. This requirement also applies to sales or so-called dual-use household electrical appliances electrical wholesalers, although most wholesalers have provided Recolight scrap lamp recycling service. '

' over the years, the UK, the recovery rate of waste electrical appliances and lamps and lanterns has been stagnant. As is known to all, to increase the recovery rate, consumers must be able to easily reach recycling site facilities. A decision that will greatly increase the electronic appliances and lamps and lanterns of scrap. '

he added:' the law of recycling obligation applies only to customers to buy products similar to the return of the product ( 'To change one') 。 However, strict enforcement of this challenge is likely to mean that many companies would only provide service to all customers. '

the Defra spokesman announced the decision, said:' the decision is in the need to take a new approach to implement the British in 2020 and later more ambitious and challenging under the background of recycling target. '

as we have learned, WEEE directive that is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, to scrap the instruction to Electrical and Electronic Equipment, this instruction is applicable to many kind of Electronic Electrical products, including lighting products. According to the request of 'the WEEE regulations' regulation, manufacturers responsible for its own products abandoned, manufacturers need to join by the environment agency ( 环境局,EA) Approved manufacturers compliance organization, responsible for WEEE recycling, processing, recycling costs; In addition to consumers, distributors were asked to provide the relevant environment and splitting the recycling WEEE information, also must promote free recycling WEEE from consumers. The operating license issued by the Defra is responsible for and management of waste treatment plants.

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