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The new traffic lights at city road

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-20

recently, a lot of Harbin city people attracted by a novel traffic lights. Originally, this is Harbin traffic police to the traditional light facilities after adding additional LED lamp belt, optimization and upgrading of the new type of traffic lights. At present, in the center street, friendship road intersection officially put into use.

2, 10, the reporter sees in friendship road and the upper changjiang region street intersection, LED lights belt installed on the signal of horizontal, vertical light pole, and then the transformation of the signal's red yellow green switch. Because continuous light-emitting LED lamp belt, signal conversion is very striking, highly recognizable. 'In addition to light, signal light pole and connected flash conversion, it is' super luxurious Pl us edition 'signals. 'One can always ascend public praise. 'Just feel refreshing when driving to come over, I can see distant lights change, especially as such a slippery road surface, played a large role in anticipation. 'Master driver zhang told reporters.

according to the order of Harbin city public security traffic administration department, deputy director of the Han Jitao introduction, the winter is one of the tourist season in Harbin, travel, traffic flow to the effective protection of all travel safety, traffic police departments are actively draw lessons from foreign experience and combined with local characteristics, on the basis of in view of the city traffic main distribution center and the optimization of landscape road street lights, add install additional LED lamp belt. The function of its beautiful beautiful beautiful not only, more important is can improve the conspicuity of traffic lights, both in the fog, snow and other inclement weather, or in a large vehicles such as buses, trucks visual blind area, etc. , can play a role of best reminder.

as we have learned, at present, the city traffic police department has west road of friendship, the central street and west street, the central avenue and west five street, gogol street and garden street, changjiang road and hengshan road, warp/weft street and red star street lamp post installed, the next step, will also be in the middle of the road and wen fu street, street and west 12 street, youyi road and Shanghai street lamp post installation in succession.

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