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The northeast county replace LED street lamp, environmental and economic benefits

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-09

according to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom in the northeast, north Yorkshire is a converts street light LED project, more quickly than expected, the environmental and economic benefits.

so far, the county has more than 35000 street lamp ( Accounting for 80% of the target number) Converted to leds. Only this fiscal year, this one has saved 800000 pounds ( About 7. 17 million yuan) Energy and maintenance costs.

this three-year project also significantly reduce the carbon footprint, save more than 2400 tons of carbon dioxide a year, the number of street lighting defects reduced by about half.

county council recently began to convert traditional lighting to LED. Residents will not detect the appearance of the light changes during the day, but when the LED to open, they will pay attention to the transition to a white light.

when shut off the power, change the LED, the control unit will be reset to factory Settings, most probably need to 14 days to recalibrate.

county councillor Don Mackenzie said: 'when making a big investment decision, converts county all street lamps from incandescent lamp to LED, we are confident that we can get a 100% return in ten years. In the rising energy costs and under the background of rising inflation pressure, modern street lamp is very important. '

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