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The Ohio will pilot installation LED intelligent street lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-17

according to foreign media reports, as part of the pilot project, the electric power company will install new city in Ohio LED intelligent street lamp, a move that could pave the way for the state adopts LED technology.

at the beginning of this month, the mayor of the city council authorized power company signed a contract with the United States, to participate in a street lamp replacement study, without having to pay fees.

the project involved in the entire state to install 80 LED street lamp.

Lima Howard, director of the municipal public works Elstro said, 'this is a smart technology outside of the LED bulbs', 'on a city's advantage lies first of all in LED technology, it can reduce a lot of energy, so as to save money. '

and the street light is much more than the opening and closing.

Elstro said, 'street light also can feedback some information to the American electric power company', 'they would immediately know whether light is broken. They can also control the lumens of light, they can be programmed in order to increase the intensity of illumination, and according to the traffic or other time factor to reduce the intensity of illumination. As a result, these particular street built a lot of things inside. '

the power companies will soon start to install the new LED lights, and will be in six months time to evaluate them.

the pilot project can pave the way for the whole city, Ohio using LED technology.

'we hope the experiment proves that this is the preferred technique. We are optimistic, American electric power company will contact the public utilities commission, all cities can enjoy LED technology in street lighting. '

after completion of preliminary study, the LED light will be replaced back to the original lamp.

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