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The principle of street lamp transformation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

the rapid development of economy drives the continuous improvement of the urban construction, as there will be many more on some of the old road of old street, in the old street lamp are many of them are damaged, a long time is not bright, also have a plenty of use very old street lamp, on the energy consumption is very big, and now advocate of green environmental protection does not conform to the standard, so you need to upgrade. These lights can be transformed through street after continue to use again.

there are a lot of 2 kinds of three types of roads, the original power supply main body after social change, there will be no continuing to use, so I need the lamp to replace these lamps. General reconstruction of street lamp is using the solar energy street lamp, solar street lights will depend on solar radiation to produce electricity, use completely won't produce electricity, solar energy street light at run time to security is based on automatic operation. Don't need someone to care management. At the time of transformation street lamp will need some street lamp light pole can continue to use the words don't transform, only need to replace the lamp holder, this is the principle of urban construction. But not so in the light alteration, can continue to use the electric light pole, in many parts of the street lamp light pole shape is different, so some of the traditional lights will not be able to match the light pole, would be wasted light pole, waste of cost. These are some in reforming the basic situation of street lamp.

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