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The quality of the solar panels and what factors

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

solar power generation system has been popularized in many cities, in addition to have very strong environmental protection function, power generation capacity is also very strong. Solar panels are the core parts in power systems, when the sun here can be light energy into electrical energy, and can be very good to store electrical energy. This kind of equipment for electrical energy storage, produce direct current (dc) can be directly applied to the family life, is an important source of power. Panels for solar energy conversion rate is very high, reflected the quality of the equipment is excellent.

solar panels, the materials used are not the same, the performance of each material is divided into high and low. Crystalline silicon panels installed above as electrical energy conversion and storage medium, safeguard solar energy is converted to electrical energy can be more plentiful. If material is glass home solar panels, it is necessary to choose low iron content of toughened glass, the thickness of wants moderate, around 3 mm to 3. 5 mm or so, electric energy conversion rate can be reached nearly ninety percent, such a high conversion rate of panels for people to value more and more high.

on the solar panels besides watch use material, but also pay attention to the product, the framework of these frameworks to choose aluminum alloy materials, which possess strong hardness and facing the impact of the ability to work under pressure. Solar panels that the quality of the framework of quality very close relationship.

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