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The research and development of millet and Yeelight m home desk lamp Pro 2019 Germany the iF design award

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-09

a few days ago, Hanover, Germany industrial design BBS ( 国际论坛GmbH) Release the iF design award 2019 Germany ( 如果设计大奖2019) Winners, millet and chain enterprise Yeelight ( The official WeChat ID: yeelight) Joint research and development of rice home desk lamp Pro, renewable generation meters home desk lamp on the classic legend, was named the iF design award.

'the iF design award' was founded in 1953, is the world's top awards in the field of design, with 'independent, rigorous, reliable' awards concept is well known, suffers from 'product design academy award'. Yeelight as domestic intelligent lighting industry pioneer, to the design, the exquisite burnish is famous in the industry, this time the production of rice home desk lamp Pro. 2019 the iF design award, reveal Yeelight again to design the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics.

in the field of intelligent lighting, Yeelight adheres to the perfection of design aesthetics and optical experience balance. It is reported, this is not Yeelight won international design award for the first time. Yeelight and research and development of millet rice home desk lamp was awarded the iF design award, reddot red dot award in Germany, Japan good IDEA design award design award and the United States, LED by Yeelight self-developed Yeelight intelligent dome light has also won the iF design award, as well as Germany reddot red dot award.

the award-winning home desk lamp Pro as a generation meter home desk lamp of the upgrade, in the sense of design aesthetics and light experience to upgrade again, striving to bring more professional literacy lighting experience for the user. M home desk lamp Pro is designed to provide full desktop 3 d light, its unique design of three axis according to different reading and writing, light requirements and user manual, height difference, to realize the freedom of light. The 116 mm round shiny surface, which can realize large range of lighting, the effective lighting area 1 desktop. 2 ㎡, to international standard for grade A intensity of illumination, brightness is promoted twice m home desk lamp. M home desk lamp Pro copy medical shadowless lamp technology was adopted to design the guide plate, more pure and uniform light, various brightness video flash, is also a comfortable certification through the German TUV rheinland eye of low blue light lamp.

m home desk lamp Pro in intelligent linkage performance as well. Desk lamp Pro the Wi - m home Fi + bluetooth dual-mode chips, support phone APP, little love classmate, Apple HomeKit lighting control a variety of ways. Calls on a 'a little love classmate,' or 'Hey Siri', turn on the light to turn off the lights, brightness, color temperature control is just a word. At the same time, the user can also through the APP can realize timing lights, delay time to turn off the lights, and other functions, and applications of different lighting scene, collect and custom.

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