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The resultant force, mobile plant factory is expected to be born in lanzhou

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-27

it is reported that on September 16, to attend the third fair can Sweden the deterioration of lanzhou, Germany SHES ( The name of the company) Baker, Japan, Israel, eisen gyari in cannes, head of the companies in China and Taiwan area such as intertek, hanno company of science and technology and productivity promotion center in lanzhou, lanzhou new kechuang city development co. , LTD. , the international and regional and science and technology cooperation and exchanges in lanzhou.

picture sources: lanzhou daily

discussion exchange, Germany Shes company solar photovoltaic power generation in LAN technology transfer results has made the brief elaboration, they hope that the next step will be part of the parts in lanzhou production, will work with lanzhou university in depth at the same time, the joint development of patent, Germany from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in lanzhou. Israel's leading agricultural renewable resources research and development enterprise eisen baker company Mr Morgan, willing to according to the demands of lanzhou city in gansu province and to develop more suitable products, until to the whole region in the west of China.

a nasdaq-listed company in Sweden the cuny on behalf of the company, said the company would like to remote network control, high degree of automation of the 'living vegetables' project promotion to lanzhou, boosting agricultural science and technology development in western China. According to the representative, 'living vegetables' generally refers to the use of plant seeds or other vegetation, under certain conditions of cultivated edible sprouts, bud seedling, gemmule, young shoots or young stem bud seedling vegetables. 'Living vegetables' has become a kind of very promising emerging vegetable industry.

the hanno company advocates the low income and high energy consumption occupies a small 'mobile plant factory', plant factory is accomplished by environmental control of facilities and high precision crop of continuous production of high efficiency agriculture system, is by the computer to the plant reproductive process of temperature, humidity, light, co2 concentration, and nutrient solution for automatic control, environmental conditions, such as no or very little affected by the natural condition restriction of the new mode of production. Due to plant factory has realized the entire manual control, crop production planning is strong, can realize the anniversary of the balanced production, producers can completely according to the market demand, formulate annual production plan, can effectively avoid the market risk. Plant factory as a kind of new mode of production, artificial environment and control plant production need nutrition, implements the crop growth is not affected by the outside natural climate technology breakthrough, per unit area yield can be up to open several times or even one hundred times, and therefore is considered to be the 21st century, the important way to solve the problem of population, resources, environment, even in the desert, gobi and island, the water, such as the building arable crop production, and the future in the process of space engineering to explore other planets, the moon and self-sufficient in food. Hanno company hopes to 'mobile vegetables factory' development project can be born in lanzhou region.

set many large foreign companies Jin Zhengda corporation chief, said willing to use its unique soil improvement technology, the improvement of lanzhou section county soil pollution problems, and is willing to cooperate with lanzhou department of science and technology, provide free training and soil test, add brick to add tile for XiaoKang County rural construction.

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