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The second China 'art' light art ceremony marks the end of the ceremony

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-12

morning of October 10, 2018, jointly hosted by China lighting association, lu xun academy of fine arts of the second session of the Chinese art of 'light' design contest closing ceremony and awards in the lu xun academy of fine arts gallery.

China lighting association secretary general secretary of the party committee Wang Shen DouLinPing, lu xun academy of fine arts, sichuan fine arts institute party committee secretary Huang Zheng and national universities, head of the leaders, experts, scholars and enterprises, such as participating teachers and students attended the closing ceremony of the competition.

this contest sponsored by the China lighting association, lu xun academy of fine arts, sichuan academy of fine arts, artists association of liaoning province, chongqing artists association, the education department of liaoning province fine arts specialized degree graduate student education steering committee, cooperated with joint BPI brigitte shines bright and sidon in the lighting, lighting, lighting jointly sponsored bond.

competition by the secretary general of the China lighting association DouLinPing speeches, DouLinPing secretary-general, said the competition's success will further enhance the understanding of lighting field of arts and culture, better cultivate professional lighting design for lighting industry. Contest will be held long fluidized, lighting academy and held alternately in colleges and universities in China, held every two years, so as to further strengthen cooperation with schools, enterprises to provide high quality design new direction and new way of thinking.

China lighting association secretary-general DouLinPing address

lu xun academy of fine arts dean Li Xiangqun said in his speech, the competition for the lighting art art research and provides a stage show his abilities, to cultivate innovative talents, the more dynamic lighting field competition success will prompt universities improve the overall teaching level, for the industry to create innovative design personnel and research personnel.

lu xun academy of fine arts dean Li Xiangqun address

it is understood that the art of 'light' to review the design contest on October 9th, review committee by the China lighting association, lighting industry experts and teachers in colleges and universities to form, to the art of 'light', 'the modelling of lamps and lanterns design', 'building lighting design and environmental space' three awards at all levels of competition, winning entries fully shows the prospective, technological and innovation in the field of light art.

guests receive award certificates, trophies for the winners and bonus

the Chinese art of 'light' design competition new generation, Wang Shen ten secretary lu xun academy of fine arts and the sichuan fine arts institute ( The host unit) Secretary Huang Zheng its flag ceremony, and announced the second session of the Chinese art of 'light' design competition successfully.

left: lu xun academy of fine arts Wang Shen ten right: party secretary of communist party chief of sichuan fine arts institute Huang Zheng

in general, the success of 'art' design competition, has set up a platform for the lighting designer and artist communication cooperation, exhibits the theory and practice, internal and external, in the field of interdisciplinary teaching achievements, to gradually promote the development of lighting art and the upgrading of the industrial consciousness, promoting Chinese contemporary art of 'light' in the field of creation and research. Photo guest

contest held successfully, it will light up the light as the medium of a new form of contemporary art, when you see the 'college students' to 'art' in the research and experiment, see the designers of the lighting design innovation and development, will further encourage domestic universities set light art courses in related discipline teaching, the necessity of it to cultivate innovative talents, more dynamic lighting field to promote the sustained and healthy development of China's lighting industry will have a huge role.

edit: YanZhiXiang

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