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The service life of solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
When it comes to street lights, we will naturally think of some street lights on the highway.At present, solar street lights are mainly used in street lights in my country. Solar street lights as street lights stand outdoors for a long time, and they are greatly affected by natural conditions. In this regard, in order to ensure the service life of solar street lights, at this time we need to require the configuration of the product itself to increase the function of resisting wind, frost and rain. Today, Changhui Lighting will introduce you to the main source of light sources that affect the life of solar street lights. Let us take a look at the light source generator, solar street light controller and battery.
We need to know that different lighting sources have different service lives. At present, there are low-pressure sodium lamps, low-voltage induction lamps, LED lamps, and low-voltage fluorescent lamps. At present, there are more sodium lamps and LED lamps used in solar street lamps. Because sodium lamps are cheaper, but have a shorter service life, and for LED lamps with good quality, they can be used for 50,000 hours. In theory, they can be used for 10 hours a day. It can be used for 10 years, so a good light source is very important.
Secondly, different light sources have different starting methods, requiring different ballasts or driving power lamps. This part has a very large impact on the light source, especially for LED light sources. Nowadays, it is usually driven by a constant current source. The quality of the constant current source and whether the scale of the set parameters is suitable for the light source is very important. Mainly look at: constant current accuracy, output power, maintenance circuit, parameter setting scale, etc.
For solar street light controllers, not only need to control, monitor, and maintain the operating conditions of photovoltaic components, batteries, and loads, but also need to control the batteries to ensure the operating conditions of the batteries. At the same time, it directly maintains the solar street lights. The load provides it with a useful and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as battery power shortage or undervoltage operation. Reminder: A high-precision, high-stability controller plays a very important role. For example: when the solar street lamp flickers, then the controller is also one of the reasons. It is very important for the battery In one aspect, it is very important to choose a battery with relatively stable performance. A good battery can illuminate for a long time, and there is one more thing to pay attention to. During the construction process, the battery needs to be installed tightly to prevent water from entering, otherwise it will affect the use of solar street lights. life.

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