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The Syracuse to switch to LED road lighting, building connected to the city

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-23

according to foreign media reports, the United States (Syracuse, New York City 锡 The street lights will soon look brand-new. Start from this week, construction personnel shall replace old lamps with LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

the mayor Ben Walsh said that these lights will provide the community with better lighting, at the same time every year for the city to save $3 million ( About $20. 61 million) 。

the city council approved the project at a cost of $38 million last year, but according to the mayor's office, the project will cost only $30 million.

at present, in the city in the south LED street lamp has been increased, and plan in the coming months to north extension.

if weather permits, the city's goal is to change every month 3000 streetlights.

the mayor Ben Walsh said, 'we will be having the Syracuse street networks, a networking will become one of the most connected city in the United States. Its message is that not only are we going to compete in the new economy, and we're really going to lead the new economy. '

it is understood that the project construction is expected to take 6 - Nine months to complete.

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