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The two reasons of street lamp lighting effect is not good

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

now we have not light after a light will be more convenient to do many things, is now saying that use light is made up by a lot of things more electricity to make it function properly. Using the light bulb in a relatively closed space illumination is always better than no shelter outside to take a lot of, the size of the room and highly won't affect the effect of the illuminate of lamplight. But if in the street lamp lighting effect will be affected by many factors.

to know the lamp is indispensable to the building is a city with a view, you may not know whether all of the street lamp its height is the same. Actually each stage may use light pole is different, this time to install the lamp is also different. Want to know the length of the light pole or longer and without the reflector outdoor height will be very affect its radiation effect, the distance between them is commonly prescribed so to get a better effect will need to pay attention to good height and the types of lamp.

the interval distance the same but different height will need to adjust the brightness of the light can achieve the same effect, the higher the height requires the brighter the light bulb. Another reason is that when using the power of light is the bigger of the two but sometimes the effect still is inferior to other small lamp, the great may be because the lamp you use and is now recommended energy-saving lamps.

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