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The United States, vermont to upgrade the gas lamps as LED lights, save costs and beautiful

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-04

according to foreign media reports, in the United States, vermont, Allegheny river avenue traditional gas lamps are going out, ask the government for the local council grants for street lamp upgrade, to replace the gas lamps with LED lights. Over the years, Mr Vermont avenue project has been committed to the members of the cobbles shop across the street lamp with LED lights.

it is reported that as early as 2015, when the bridge was old hull, replace the existing part of the gas lamps are replaced by LED lights, but there is about five 6 of the street lamp still is the use of gas.

district committee chairman Joanne Anderson said that these lights have been follow. But street lighting using LED technology, the cost would be much less, and convenient maintenance, the project is more attractive. She also said that the committee will cost about 12000 dollars a year to street lighting gas, if the upgrade for the LED street light, the cost will reduce $1200 a year.

at present, in order to save money, district committee considered turn off the gas lamp, street lamps at the same time they also in to apply for funding for upgrade. Conference on Monday, Anderson to the government committee that his team are state community and economic development ( 美国国务院的社区和经济发展) Apply for funds of $300000 of intermodal transportation, the lights used to complete the transformation projects.

it is understood that the government committee agreed to only 30% of the funding, district committee and municipality dial 6 and $30000 respectively. Anderson said, these costs are estimated. District committee is now new Brighton Santangelo & engineering companies in Lindsay to discuss the details of the project. The appearance of the lamp and light pole, she said, 'will not have too big change, mainly is to change the way of power supply and lighting.

commission chairman William Benusa said, before making a decision, he wants to see more specific Numbers. Some members of the committee expressed support for the project. Senator Tim Favo said: 'this is one is full of aesthetic feeling, those street lamp looks really beautiful. '

grant applications will be held by the end of this month, and payment is expected in November to account. Carrie said. Del rosso, if the government decided to support the project, so the total will be part of the budget next year.

in addition, Anderson, who hope to cooperate with the gas company, step by step in order to convert the street lamp, rather than a will change all the gas lamps. But it turns out that finding the shutoff valve and the connection of street lamp is very difficult, and partial transformation conversion cost is much higher than the last.

Anderson also suggests that these lamps renovation costs will also be more expensive than replace the costs. The official has been set when the project start.

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