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The Vietnamese government is planned to greatly develop economy at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-03

Vietnam plans to investment released online on February 27, the Vietnamese economic proposal development night ( The draft of the draft) And solicit opinions from the ministries, local government and relevant organizations.

by Vietnam plans to investment at the central economic management institute of drafting the Vietnam economic proposal development night that night economy a boost economic and social development, but if the planning, management does not reach the designated position, will also bring certain negative impact on society. Using the experience of many other countries, at the same time, based on Vietnam tourism rapid development in recent years, urban economic activity and resorts night fact that already exist, Vietnam to develop the economy at night is very necessary.

the proposal put forward by the overall goal is: actively develop economy at night, to ensure that the most of new economic development momentum and comply with the world development trend, at the same time ensure compliance with Vietnamese tradition and customs. Specific goal is: drive economic growth, create jobs, provide for the people in Vietnam community and social integration; Boost development of public service, optimize the resource allocation of public service, especially to reduce urban infrastructure in the day run overload conditions; The emerging industry development, especially the emerging industrial areas such as retail, catering, tourism, development; Stimulate domestic consumption, fully stimulate economic growth; Attracting talent, merchants, visitors, and in the world, improve the image of the national culture and the people of Vietnam.

the proposal put forward by the step of economic development is in the night, improve the government and the understanding of the benefits and risks of night economy development, innovative thinking. Establish a unified, the development of economic rules and regulations, and at night of the content of the economic development of night into national and local economic and social development orientation. Choose to have the development potential of industries and fields, in Hanoi, quang ninh, haiphong, ho chi minh city, da nang, Ann, day - Hue, da lat, rich countries eligible pilot cities and resorts to night for economic development. By improving the business environment conditions and implement related preferential policies, governments at all levels actively help operators to participate in the economic development at night. Strengthen the tourism promotion and promote economic activities at night, make with local cultural characteristics and diverse economic products at night.

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