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The whole lamp damage of solar street lights maintenance solution

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

the content of the solar street lights maintenance is there are a lot of aspects, such as a controller, lamp holder, flicker, etc. So the following by the solar street lights maintenance company to introduce the whole lamp damage solution, for reference only.

the whole lamp damage factors are:

a is the controller has the phenomenon of water, causing a short circuit. In everyday is there will be a degree higher, much rain, degree is low, more rain and snow weather, and the solar street light controller is installed on the pole, it is easy to make it into the water.


a: this is to check the terminal controller have the phenomenon of water rust, when the battery voltage is less than ten point eight solar street lamps, and the absence of a battery, is to the lamp line of solar panels, battery recharged.

2: to solar panels have to view the voltage and current output. When the panel is defective, is to make a replacement for panel.

three is inspection on light source, check way is to give light to the power supply, see whether the change of the phenomenon of light, the light source for replacement.

when lamp holder flickering phenomenon, is the solution to the problem is: inspection on line, see if the poor contact; To see if battery power, see its storage capacity is reduced; When the line is no problem, there is something wrong with the battery, the battery for replacement.

about the content of the maintenance of the lamp, solar street lamps have been introduced, when friends of solar street lights maintenance is needed, you can with your company.

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