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The whole process of solar street lights maintenance

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

there will be a lot of energy in everyday life in the constant change, changes in natural light for electrical energy and then into light energy is more common to use on the street. Use the sun to recharge solar panels, savings good electricity can not bright night gave street lamp power supply for use. This kind of street lamp is more compared to save electricity by the street lamp it can does not require us to give it power supply, when a problem is the need for solar street lights maintenance.

we need to find out about street light at the beginning of the maintenance problems, need to fully inspect the whole street lamp. In most cases is the battery or bulbs appear problem, if it is a light bulb does not light will need to look inside the tubes with no water or is there any rust. If it is not the light bulb damage in both cases the cause of the light bulb not bright, there is water need to rule out water wipe clean again to do a good job of sealed to prevent water accumulation, if because rust caused by the need to replace the rusty parts.

if is a problem of the light bulb needs to see what kind of bulb, now commonly used lights are LED the lamp if you choose what is good there will be no quality problems. Light bulb not bright may be because the light bead are not close to the line board needs to be connected, if a large area of lights, all that happens so replacing the entire lamp holder will be more convenient.

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