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The wilmington start lamp upgrade, toward the wisdom city goal

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-04

, foreign media reported the biggest city of wilmington, Delaware will be installed throughout the city a new type of intelligent lighting system. The plan in this month in the West Center City, North Market Street and Baynard Boulevard first, will install 215 LED Street lamp and 50 intelligent sensor.

it is reported, on July 9, on Tuesday, the mayor Mike Purzycki and Delmarva Power company President Gary Stockbridge jointly announced the joint project named 'ConnectWilmington'.

Purzycki, said: 'the wilmington is developing in the direction of the intelligent city, and we are ready for a surprise and challenging technology and the data of the new age. 'He also said:' the LED lighting will make the whole city look brand-new, bring new feelings, and also to improve public safety, and I firmly believe that LED lighting is more cost-effective, is a more responsible way to finance, will be better service for citizens and make the city a better place. '

Purzycki's ultimate goal is to turn all the 7050 streetlights wilmington for LED street lamp, of which 1750 lamp that is owned by municipal, remaining 5300 lamp that shall be owned by the Delmarva Power company.

the city council is considering legislation, so as to to controlled by the natural resources and the environment department ( DNREC) Management of effective energy fund ( EEIF) Borrow $2. 1 million to install municipal light pole.

it is estimated that the municipal government will save energy cost at least $150000 a year, the cost will exceed loans borrowed from EEIF 20 years; In addition, the natural resources and environmental control departments will also grant 17. 50000 dollars to help the LED project.

ConnectWilmington as the first step of LED lights in the city plan, has to start in this month: Delmarva Power company converts existing 215 street lights LED street lamps, and enable the 50 sensor and other intelligent city technology. Delmarva city technology Power investment wisdom sensor installation, wisdom, and to test its function, operation effect and potential value, for wilmington, and other community services your company reference.

'wisdom city technology is a great opportunity, we can cooperate with municipal departments, create more new energy options, for our customers and the community to build a more clean and bright future. 'Delmarva Power company President Stockbridge said,' the demonstration project is a new intelligent cities in the whole program launch platform, we are very glad to cooperate with government departments, use advanced infrastructure construction, layout of new technology, finally improve the quality of life of community residents. '

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