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The working principle of photovoltaic power generation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

we are all know that the solar street lamps, but we also know there is this one is called the photovoltaic (pv) power generation, photovoltaic power generation is the use of semiconductor light born v effect, and then the technique of converting light energy directly into electricity. But the principle of photovoltaic power generation are relatively easy to understand, the main principle is the photoelectric effect of the semiconductor, mainly by solar panels, controller and inverter composed of three parts.

speaking of photovoltaic power generation is the sun light makes the semiconductor photoelectric effect produce a potential difference between different parts of the phenomenon, after many transformations, the forming process of voltage. Actually we throughout the term, no matter where, what we have resources are relatively limited, but we can further explore other energy sources, like solar energy. Solar energy is inexhaustible renewable energy, and have a certain type clean, absolute security and resource adequacy and so on some of the features, in our future energy strategy is a big position.

we photovoltaic power generation compared with the traditional pattern of power generation, its advantages mainly is no danger of drying up, and still more safe and reliable, no excess pollution, not cause damage to the nature environment. And can be used in every area, there is no limit to the area of a.

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