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The world's largest apple official flagship store opening: lighting design is a bright spot

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-23

new product in the fall of this year's conference, Apple announced at the Apple Store on fifth avenue will reopen. After redesigning the new stores will be higher than the original, more - it will be twice as big as the original and will become the world's largest apple flagship store.

the Store in Beijing standard time on September 20, 20 o 'clock opening to foreign, and comply with three flagship iPhone and Apple Watch Series 5, and many other new products together. Before officially reopened, Apple has invited the media, designers, architects, and retail on behalf of the group visited the new Apple Store decoration.

apple's fifth avenue flagship store opened in 2006, has quickly become the destination of choice for residents and tourists in New York City. The huge building and electronics store before completely different, it is a 24 hours of the entrance to the underground store. Beginning in 2017 declared a state of closed and into the decoration.

now, apple has been repairing the old underground Store, with the help of the construction companies Foster and Partners almost start to build the flagship Store. Like all apple's flagship store, in here, the light is one of the most important, the shop is a combination of natural light and LED lights for lighting.

when the shop reopened, square on the ground a series of skylight will bear most of the day lighting. Each round port will be frosted, let light into at the same time protect the privacy of pedestrians, and use the silver LED ring supplemental lighting. Natural light will also be used to keep the eight trees and the green wall of the underground space of vitality. On the left and right sides of Cube, a total of 18 apple called 'sky' lenses, the metal seat just provides the perspective of a bird's eye view of the shop.

in addition to all the natural light, the ceiling of the store has adjustable white LED, according to the time of day automatic transformation between warm and cold tonal, to react to external environment. If the sun is shining outside, downstairs will be brighter, cloudy, the lights will be dimmed.

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