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The world's leading efficient green perovskite LED 'fujian'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-23
3%, surpassing the world record in the field! 11, reporters learned from the overseas Chinese university, the university professor wei show picture team put forward a new kind of thin film preparation strategies, and optimize the LED device structure, the preparation of the world's leading high brightness, high quantum conversion efficiency of LED devices, in the field of perovskite electroluminescent made significant progress, promote our country to develop with independent intellectual property rights, inexpensive display and lighting devices industry important step. The results of the study are published in top international academic journals in 11 in the journal nature.

in recent years, the perovskite potential applications in the field of electroluminescent materials began to arouse people's attention, however, limited by perovskite membrane with poor film-forming properties and relatively low fluorescence quantum efficiency, and its application in the field of luminescence, display and laser development has been slow. In order to overcome the difficulties and improve the efficiency of electro-optical conversion device, professor wei show picture team put forward a new kind of thin film preparation strategy: spatial distribution management component, by building a new half a core-shell structure, sharply reduce the non radiative recombination in the crystal defects, improve the luminous efficiency of perovskite membrane; On the other hand, through the light-emitting layer and electron transport layer inserted between PMMA barrier layer, effectively improve the injection rate of electrons and holes within the device matching. Are obtained through the optimization of perovskite LED device of high external quantum efficiency, good stability. The results of the study has applied for national and international PCT patent.

, according to professor wei show picture as the plane illuminated devices perovskite LED, light quality, thin thickness, wide Angle, fast response speed, can be used for the flexible display, use of wide temperature range, structure and advantages of simple preparation process, the screen display ( Mobile phones, TV, PC, VR and on-board equipment, etc. ) And green healthy lighting ( No blue light damage) Has potential application prospect.

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