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Theme Sharing (4) | Zhang Ziliang: Tunable white, the light of work, the light of life

Theme Sharing (4) | Zhang Ziliang: Tunable white, the light of work, the light of life


On August 4th, at the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the DALI Alliances China Focus Group (DALI-CFG) co-organized the "DALI: Intelligent Lighting Control Protocol in the IoT Era-Technical Details Forum" successfully Ended. At the forum, experts from international and domestic well-known leading intelligent lighting companies, consulting agencies and testing institutions shared the latest developments in DALI technology, DALI testing and certification, and detailed DALI technical details (DALI-2, D4i, etc.), providing industry insiders with value-added knowledge Golden opportunity.

At the conference, Zhang Ziliang, product manager of Osram Digital Lighting Systems Asia Pacific, gave a theme report of "Tunable white, the light of work, the light of life" for the audience.

Guest speech


Zhang Ziliang, Asia Pacific Product Manager, OSRAM Digital Lighting System

Mr. Zhang Ziliang started todays topic from DALI-2 PART 209, a standard that specifically targets human lighting or color changes. In the current epidemic situation, there are more and more home offices. People will find that the efficiency of working at home and working in other workplaces is very different, which has a great relationship with the lighting needs of different scenes. Zhang Ziliang introduced that DALI is currently the most complete solution that can realize human factor lighting on the market, and can provide suitable lighting for suitable spaces and suitable people.

Finally, Zhang Ziliang introduced Osram's human-caused lighting solutions, which have great advantages in product performance, high efficiency and energy saving, simplified control, debugging methods, and easy use, which can solve various lighting needs in different spaces and scenes. .

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