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There is no street lamp lighting solutions high-speed

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

lights to describe city is in the know, whether it's bustling place or there will be less people, only the heart of the strip is a little more, so have to is to can undertake lighting, but as a highway passing through, after many years of experience, not yet found no street lamp lighting on high speed, so this is why, this is a list of the good answer.

a, because of a highway is relatively stable, so drive a car, you can be a little rest assured some, so also does not allow pedestrians, or is a motor vehicle into the car and animals, security will be a few taller, even on the high-speed motor vehicles, but also because itself is with lighting equipment, also have the car of course, is that you can see the condition of the pavement, completes the safety measures.

two, but this is also reflected in because lighting effect, so can let yourself feel tired in the visual, lighting would be a danger for a long period of time, plus the highway is more and more, so to install street lamp, the cost is very high, by the place also will be very broad, in different sections of the trouble, would be counterproductive, so the work is not good.

now know why there is no street lamp lighting highway, the reason is more clean and clear, only in these ways, the effect will be better, is also one of the reasons why.

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