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Three common solar street lights maintenance problems

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

solar street lights can often be seen in our life, it brought us the lighting at the same time, but is also a kind of machinery, so that in use process need we to go for solar street lights maintenance. And maintenance time we also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, let me explain common maintenance problems for everyone.

sometimes travel shine solar street lamps, led to lights flashing, like almost no electricity. We can rule out if not line, it is the battery problems. This kind of situation is unstable power supply, or is the battery can't save electricity, so we need to replace battery in time. If you don't change, bulb flashing may also lead to the light bulb burned for a long time.

if long time don't bright solar street lamps may also be due to environmental factors. The rain in some areas is more, continuous partial cloudy weather, so long time may cause the battery out of power supply and cause no electricity, so not lit also belong to normal phenomenon. Sometimes it rains also could lead to short circuit malfunction, so we can check the controller is where problems.

solar street light if it is a bright time is shorter, it shows its battery life fast to use, or damage to the battery. Lead to can't store too much electricity, when we were in the solar street lights maintenance also can consider to change a battery.

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