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Three influential factors of solar street light brightness

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-10

today, the streets are beginning to install solar street light. Many people who is according to the solar street light brightness to judge a good street light quality, a lot of people never have to the higher the intensity of the solar street lamps, on behalf of the better performance. In fact, also is not necessarily so, then there is a solar street lamps factory is simple to explain why.

1。 The higher the intensity of the solar street lamps, solar panels for the greater the power, the capacity of the battery. This will lead to the rising cost of solar street lamps, so in general, on the side of the road of the reasonable configuration of solar street lamps, does not think that the pursuit of brightness, this is the time to make the lighting more cost effective.

2。 Second is, in many streets near residential areas or some tall buildings, if in such places, a very large power, solar street lamp brightness is very high, when night falls, people will disturb the normal rest, so this is also in order to better safeguard people's actual needs.

3。 Solar street lights highlight state for a long time, solar battery load will be very big, so for the service life of the solar energy is very unfavorable.

all in all, the use of solar street light, is in order to better use of resources, but also to give people a better infrastructure, so will be set on the premise of people-oriented down, so for the quality of the solar street light, can be at ease use.

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