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Tianjin, suzhou section crossing road in road lighting upgrades

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-07

tianjin some road sections with accidents have been add lighting

recently, tianjin traffic for a period of in-depth investigation and analysis, traffic accident MoPai out more than 70 accidents of road sections. By now, at least 36 complete transformation sections accidents at intersections.

, according to official news in 36 road sections respectively adopted additional road lighting facilities, pruning the trees keep out the traffic signs is to recognize, or adding isolation guardrail lights, road signs and other measures.

among them, the xiqing district with highway from green manor near, xiqing district, tianjin when Yang road with static line 200 meters west of jiaokou, jinnan district, tianjin ge wan road, jinnan district tianjin toki road ( Station Road) , beichen wing road sections have been added for street lighting.

in addition, the dong li district heshun home part such as hualian supermarket in front of the intersection points added lights, and on the relevant sections of delimit lane rope, you, parking space; In wu qing jin wai road section ShuangMiao Village etc in village installed village, slow down, detours, speed limit, accidents, road traffic signs, etc.

upgrade suzhou three incense road lighting, the first batch of new street light has been lit

learn from suzhou city urban management department, city of suzhou city lighting management is in the middle of this month launched three incense road ( Chang xihuan expressway), professional way - Road lighting facilities renovation project, is about to complete the first phase of construction.

late July 26, the reconstruction of new street lamp installed and lights. 25 later to complete the installation of street lamp is located on the north of revolutionary museum from 300 to 400 meters east road. The rest will be two phase construction, lighting renovation project will be completed by September 30 tung hengjing xihuan road, the road to reform, will finish by December 30 Chang professional way to tung hengjing road reconstruction. Large quantities of lamp, lighting work between 03:00 22:30 at night to the morning.

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